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Please have a look at what were up to, if you have any questions or comments please post! If you want any specific pictures taken please let us know.


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Fresh out of the photo booth - bespoke music stands

Just a picture update this time around, below are 2 music stands. One is built from Walnut & the other Curly Maple both have accents of Wenge. 

DSC 0071
DSC 0072
DSC 0073
DSC 0074
DSC 0075
DSC 0076
DSC 0078
DSC 0079
DSC 0080
DSC 0081
DSC 0082
DSC 0083
DSC 0084
DSC 0085
DSC 0086
DSC 0087
DSC 0088
DSC 0089
DSC 0123
DSC 0124
DSC 0125
DSC 0126
DSC 0112
DSC 0114
DSC 0115
DSC 0116
DSC 0117
DSC 0118
DSC 0120
DSC 0121
DSC 0122

Black & White Ebony rocking chair oil finish time lapse application

Watch as I apply my oil/poly finish to a sculpted rocking chair built from Canadian Black Walnut highlighted on the back supports with Black and White Ebony.

Music : Brull - Redwood

Build your own bespoke rocking chair 10 day course - Kevins chair

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rocking chair back view
walnut old growth southern yellow pine
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custom rocking chair side view
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front detail build your own rocking chair
rocking chair
bespoke rocking chair
hand sculpted maloof seat
coopered headrest detail
hand sculpted seat kutzall
walnut southern yellow pine rocking chair
headrest detail coopered
chair seat arm walnut rocking chair
rocking chair tails
build your own chair
DSC 8738

Walnut & Cocobolo solid wood rocking chair photo shoot!

Please enjoy my most recent rocking chair. This chair has a main body built from Canadian Black Walnut, the back braces are highlighted with band saw cut grain matched cocobolo.

DSC 8808
DSC 8809
DSC 8810
DSC 8811
DSC 8812
DSC 8813
DSC 8814
DSC 8815
DSC 8817
DSC 8818
DSC 8819
DSC 8820
DSC 8821
DSC 8826
DSC 8828
DSC 8829
DSC 8831
DSC 8833
DSC 8840
DSC 8842
DSC 8844
DSC 8847
DSC 8854