10 day build your own rocking chair class - graduation day!

10 day build your own rocking chair class - graduation day!

trimming coopered headrest to size

Here greg is trimming his coopered headrest at a 6 degree angle to fit in between the rear legs

dry fitting headrest rocking chair curly maple walnut wedge

Test fitting the coopered headrests 

rocking chair build your own progress

The headrests are now trimmed to length and the top and bottom curves have been cut

wedge curly maple rocking chair seat

Beautiful unique one of a kind wedge rocking chair seat wrapped in curly maple

sculpting rocking chair seat joint kutzall

Sculpting the seat joints using an angle grinder & a kutzall solid carbide shaping wheel

bent laminated rocking chair back braces supports curly maple wedge quilted maple

Bent laminated rocking chair back braces or supports  made from curly maple, wedge, and quilted maple

rocking chair paul lemiski curly maple build your own chair

This is me Paul Lemiski with my idea for a beautiful rocking chair wood combination built from Curly Maple and Wenge

Fitting rocking chair headrest

Fitting the rocking chair headrest, after coopering, shaping and sanding.

rocking chair headrest fitting procedure

It fits!

sanding quilted maple walnut rocking chair build your own chair class

Sand sand sand! 

sanding rocking chair headrest walnut quilted maple

Still sanding, all my pieces are sanded from 120-150 grit all the way through to 1000 then burnished with a wool pad before the hand rubbed oil / varnish finish is applied.

sanding curly maple rocking chair seat bottom

90% of all sanding gets done on the chair before the rockers are attached to the legs

rocking chair rockers template layout

About to trim the rockers to flow into our leg bottoms

rocking chair rockers trimmed and shaped

Rockers have been trimmed to flow with some nice fair curves into the leg bottoms, the top side then gets a round over before being attached to the chair

quilted maple walnut rocking chair seat vacuum press

The seat is built from Quilted Maple wrapped in Canadian Black Walnut. The seat was created using multiple layers that have been glued together in the vacuum bag

epoxy know hole walnut

The final details, here Greg is filling a small defect with 2 part epoxy coloured with black pigment

sanding rocking chair tails

Getting very close now to being finished, just hours and hours of sanding left

sanded to a polish rocking chair rockers leg joints

Sanded to a polish!

oil poly resin finish wipe on wipe off

The chair is now complete, the 3 part oil / poly finish has been wiped on, now we wait and wipe off in about 30 minutes

wipe on wipe off finish quilted maple walnut rocking chair

Done! We waited and wiped the finish off this allows the finish to soak into the wood and offer a slow building finish that is really easy to apply and maintain

greg paul lemiski rocking chair student build your own chair class

The teacher Paul Lemiski & the student Greg…… Great job I must admit!

rocking chair class graduation build your own maloof rocking chair

Always a big smile at the end but who am I kidding we had a big smile from picking up the first piece of raw lumber to loading the chair into Gregs truck, we had a great 10 days and we both built a beautiful rocking chair that will be around for generations. Congrats on the new addition to your family Greg, and i’m not talking about the chair. That is a smile of a soon to be dad! Way to go!