Build your own rocking chair class is in session

Build your own rocking chair class is in session

quilted maple band saw live edge

Build your own rocking chair 1 on 1 class now in session!

squaring up quilted maple

Making a straight edge on this quilted maple slab,  to be used as a rocking chair seat inlay

rocking chair build your own quilted maple seat blank

easy does it, slow and steady always get a nice smooth cut on the band saw

curly maple wedge rocking chair seat blank

This is the rocking chair seat I’m working on along side my currant student, Greg.

cross cutting rocking chair seat to length

Trimming seat to size

bent lamination rocking chair chair parts back braces

Got clamps? Making the flexible bent laminated back supports and of course 2 pairs of rocking chair rockers

rocking chair student band saw leg

Pay attention, very important measure lot’s & only cut once

rough rocking chair legs

Walnut & Curly Maple leg blanks

festal router brass bushing up spiral

Using a festal router with a brass bushing, to make the perfect 2’’ x 7/8’’ notch needed near the front of the seat. 

band saw set leg cut outs

Removing the material, where the backs of the bottoms of our legs rest

rocking chair back braces student template

Laying out the back brace holes and routing 

cove rocking chair arms student rocking chair class

Greg shaping the cove into his rocking chair arms, with a holding fixture across the table saw

walnut curly maple rocking chair legs and seat

Our rocking chair legs are well on there way

laminated chair seats wedge curly maple quilted maple walnut

The seats are coming along nicely, time to shape the sides

rocking chair seat wedge and curly maple

Wenge & Curly maple rocking chair seat