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Building a rough cut tamarack boardwalk 

This is the entrance to the Halton regional forest complex, they have a small gravel parking lot just off the road and a map of the trail system.

This is the entrance off of Guelph Line just across from Mohawk race track, this trail system is accessible with a vehicle but of course you need the key (-:

Day 1 - Time to get to work, supplies are arriving so it's time to start laying out the stringers. Materials used for this board walk are rough sawn Tamarack. The stringers are a true 2'' x 10'' 10 feet long, deck boards are a full 2'' thick x 6'' wide 5' long. Everything will be anchored through 4'' x 4'' posts that will rest in concrete deck blocks.

In the distance you can see we've laid out all the parts roughly where the board walk will be.

The boardwalk is 300' long comprised of 30 sections 10' long. The stringers are 2'' x 10'' x 10' long, each section overlaps and will be held together with 2 lag bolts that go through 2 joists and a 4''x4'' post that will rest on concrete deck blocks.

The boardwalk had to remain under 24'' tall, the top boards are 2'' think so we initially setup the sections with legs that held the sections at about 20'' from the ground and proceeded to level from there.

Here you see the lag bolt that goes through the stringers, it's so long because it will go through a 4'' x 4'' post.

We now have the entire boardwalk on the stilts and have begun to level the sections

Now we have installed the 4'' x 4'' posts into the decking blocks and tightened down the lag bolts, in the distance Kevin is cutting some pieces to size.

The boardwalk had to twist and turn through the trees, this shows a long arc towards the end of the boardwalk

Overall shot of the job site, we were blessed with some beautiful fall weather

Cutting the deck boards to length

Now we begin laying the deck boards

One at a time, progress will be made

In this picture it shows the main trail, in the spring time the water levels are very high and not possible to pass, with this boardwalk in place, no matter how wet it gets you'll still be able to enjoy a beautiful spring day.

Were getting there, almost to the end, oh wait we're only half way done (-:

I thought this was a beautiful picture with the shadows of the trees falling across the boardwalk

Were almost done, we just have to add the pipes along the side

This is a ramp at one end of the boardwalk, the pipe is there to help the blind to follow the boardwalk along.

Here you can see a good side shot of how the boardwalk sits, you can see the 2 lag bolts holding the post and stringers together onto of the concrete deck block

The last piece of the puzzle

Finished at last, this was a fun project to build. Its great to know that this boardwalk will not only be around for many many years to come but will be enjoyed by so many people.