Cocobolo custom wood rocking chair - Day 3 & 4

Cocobolo custom wood rocking chair - Day 3 & 4

DSC 6659

I've now glued up the headrest billets which have a angle on their edges so when glued up the form a curve with a radius approximately 29.5''

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These pieces have been cut out of a specially selected piece of lumber to match the seat grain.

DSC 6661

I'm working on 2 wood working chairs right now, so I'm able to show you a head rest before and after at the same time. I would need a piece of wood 4'' thick but by doing a coopered headrest I save lots of waste and I get some beautiful grain matching choices to the legs and set.

Here i'm using a vacuum press to glue up the 3 pieces that make up the seat, this chair has a 1'' thick piece of Cocobolo in the centre with a 1/2'' of walnut top and bottom.

DSC 6669
DSC 6670

Here we can see the 3 pieces sandwiched together under pressure of about 1700psi, I use a slow setting plastic resin glue so I keep the seat in the press for about 12-18 hours to ensure a solid prefect nearly invisible glue joint.

DSC 6696

Here is the seat billet trimmed to size ready to start the important task of creating the seat joints that will attache the legs to the seat.

DSC 6707

Above is all the pieces for this rocking chair legs,seat,arms,back braces,headrest, and rockers

DSC 6720
DSC 6756

Here is the seat with the rear notches cut out and the front notches have been marked and most of the waste get s removed quickly with a band saw and a quick snap of a chisel

DSC 6772

Below is a little slide show I put together of my dog thinking about giving me a hand with routing the back brace holes, maybe I could let him give it a try but I don't think so maybe next time (-:

IMG 1095

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