Custom double wooden rocking chair - Photo shoot blog

Custom double wooden rocking chair - Photo shoot

Well today we spent most of the day setting up, a better set up photo area. We use a white paper roll that is 109'' wide and we just pull the paper out hand the roll and put a piece of plywood under the paper. We constructed a 2x4 cage around the whole area with mounting for numerous lights. This was the first time shooting with this new setup, i'm sure the photos will improve but I think they turned out pretty good.You view all the photos of this  custom double wooden rocking chair hereDSC_2419

In the photo below you can really see the swoop of the coopered headrest, which is the main feature that adds to the overall comfort of this chair.


Our rocker shape has evolved with every rocking chair we've made and I feel like each one is unique and beautiful, but I think this latest custom wooden rocking chair takes the cake!


The above photo really shows the unique grain pattern the quarter sawn lace wood has to offer, although the widest pieces we could find were 6'' as long as we pay special attention to the initial layout we can create some very beautiful layouts. We also choose to hand plane every joint creating a nearly and sometime completly invisible joint.


You can see all the photos of this custom double wooden rocking chair here