custom wooden rocking chair blog - back braces

Walnut & Zebrawood custom wooden rocking chair progress

Well were almost kinda on the home stretch, there's just so many steps to making a rocking chair. Every step is as important as the one before and after it. There are places in the chair and some steps where you can allow for less wood here a little extra there and then deal with it during the shaping process. Then there's the spots that must be done this exact way perfect the first time......... most steps are like that.

Our first chair incorporating Zebra wood in the back braces is turing out to be a very beautiful and unique chair. 

We have even mixed the styles of Hal Taylor and Sam Maloof in the headrest. We examined, watched, and read as much as we could about Sam's chairs not just his rocking chairs but everything he has to offer. First off wow impressive, his work ethic is something else. To produce the # of pieces and studio quality pieces as he did shows you what can be accomplished when you are truly passionate about what your doing.


Back side of bent lamination back braces, with Zebra wood used on the back.

grain matched zebrawoodGrain matched, zebra wood

Grain matched back brace bottoms

Here they are sanded to 500 and burnished with a wool pad, they sure do glow!

Joint sanded until it glows, the surface that is around the back braces must be finished sanded before glueing up the headrest.

rocking chair headrest assemblyReady for glue up, notice how far back the back braces can rest with no stress on the bottoms, this is because of the shape of the bottom hole allowing movement forwards and back, getting tight when the headrest is installed.

headrest glue clamp

That's all for today, rockers will be epoxyed on tomorrow, shaped, sanded....... and then a final sand on the entire chair getting it ready for finish...... wish me luck!