Walnut dinning room pedestal table - Day 2

Walnut dinning room pedestal table - Day 2

Another day done, with lot's accomplished on the custom wooden pedestal table we're feeling pretty good. It's really nice seeing a new design come together, figuring out the details along the way. Today began by clamping the rest of the blanks together to create 4'' thick stock.

bandsaw walnut table leg

glued up 45 degree miter

smoother miter jointHere Joel is cutting along a line traced from the main templates.

Now because we have a 10'' table saw the blade height is 3'', which makes it kinda hard to cut a 4'' miter joint. So we cut the miter joint before we glued out blanks. With a near perfect glue up there is not much work with the smoothing plane.

Here is the joint after a little work with the hand plane.... smooth as a babys arse!!

hand planing stock for glue up

A few hours with the hand planes and we have some perfect joints ready for glue up.

parts for custom pedestal table

custom pedestal center

custom pedestal table center post

table leg build outs

first look custom pedestal table

Here's all the pieces laid out, ready for inspection....lol

These are the centre sections of the pedestal cut to shape about ready for glue up.

This is the centre post of the pedestal there are the dados that the legs sections will glue into. The large cope will match up to the legs sections with a little hand sculpting of course.

If you can notice the post is glued up of 2 2'' pieces and a 1.5'' piece. One beautiful thing about the post design is that you can glue up a very large post and hide all the glue lines with the legs.

These are the legs and table supports in the back ground. There will be a 6'' x 4'' foot that the table actually sits on. Although we did keep the legs very low profile to allow maximum leg room.

Here Joel is taking a break from sanding and shaping to hold up the table support.

Finally we can see how our pedestal table design is starting to come together.