Walnut dinning room pedestal table - Day 3

Walnut dinning room pedestal table - Day 3

After routing the edges best we could, we first glue the two leg sections to the centre main post. 

DSC_2672We use a tung and groove joint to attach the sections, so the glue up goes rather smoothly. Just apply a copious amount of glue and clamp until you can't clamp anymore.


Next we glue the other two sections to the centre post, again apply as much clamp pressure as we need.




DSC_2690Here is the pedestal all glue up ready for many hours of shaping and sanding.

Here is a close up of the tung and groove joints we use to attach the leg sections.

Here are the 2 sections that will create our 50'' circular table top. 

The top will seperate to accept 2 12'' leaves.

This is our circle cutting jig we use on our band saw, we can place a pivot any where along the centre line to cut any size circle.

We also had a photo shoot for our newest Sculpted trestle coffee table below i've attached a few pictures.