Custom wooden rocking chair arm shaping

Custom wooden rocking chair arm shaping

We start by showing the Kutzall carbide grinding disc we use to do most of the sculpting on our rocking chairs, it is attached to a basic angle grinder. We then go to work, the arms start about 2’’ thick and also have a 1.5’’ thick transition block at the front leg arm joint. We want to remove the chunky look and be left with smooth flowing lines that your eye and hand will want to explore.

I then switch to a kutzall grinding burr attached to a Fordom grinding system. I use this wonderful tool at the arm to front leg joint and at the rear of the arm to leg joint. Very useful to smooth the rough lines of the angle grinder before moving on to sanding.

We love these Kutzall grinding discs and burrs, they never wear out, remove stock quickly and safely.

We then move on to the Festool RO 125, we especially like this sander because of it’s smaller size and stroke compared to the Festool RO 150. With this sander we can go right to 150grit sandpaper in rotax mode to remove stock quickly and accurately. When paired with a Festool Vac the dust collection must be near 99%, which is of course good for our lungs but also one reason the paper last so long!

After this initial sanding we feel and look at the arms to make sure everything is how we want it, if we need to grind a little bit more we grind a bit more.