Resawing a 13'' tall 2'' thick Canadian Black Walnut board

Resawing a 13'' tall 2'' thick Canadian Black Walnut board

First I throw on a new blade, I’m just using a 3/8’’ blade from our local band saw blade place called R&D Band saw supply they have great specials all the time…... ( maybe not so special ) LOL seriously though great prices for blades that cut like a dream.

After the tension is set correctly, I install the fence to the saw and set the thickness of cut, this is very easy to do because this fence has a nice micro adjust handle that allows 1/64’’ per turn of adjustment. I’ve added 2 pieces of mdf to create a taller fence I think about 8’’, to my surprise it has held up very well all I do is apply a coat of paste wax once in a while to repel moisture and give it a smooth surface to slide against.

I then set up our larger feather board which with this piece of lumber does not seem that big, and I begin to feed the board through the blade at a consistent moderate feed rate. I just reset the feather board and repeat no need to joint or plane the freshly cut surface. I am easily able to get 4 boards cleaned up to 3/8’’ from a 2’’ thick piece of lumber.

When the cut is completed I lay the boards out in order to ensure a nice grain match when we build the frame and panel sections.

The saw in use is a Mini Max MM 20 with 20’’ of resaw height and a 4.8hp motor the saw does not really notice i’m feeding a piece of wood through the blade, it really does cut like butter and so straight, even with a 3/8’’ blade.