Vintage style cast iron table base. Priced per leg.

4 hole slotted mounting pattern. 27'' tall 26'' wide

Please contact directly for orders of 4 pair or more.

Designed and cast in Erin, Ontario

Made in CANADA

* Vintage patina add $100

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Great legs!

Dimensions not accurate, shipping container a joke

We just received our two legs, and one of the boxes was pretty well destroyed. There is no protection given to the legs - they are just put inside a cardboard box (as another reviewer has noted), and this box was destroyed, ripped open, and punched through in multiple places. The leg was not damaged, but this is just luck as both the top an bottom of the leg were protruding from the box when it arrived.

Onto the item itself. These items are rough castings, which was expected to a point, but there are multiple places where it looks like an angle grinder cut into the leg taking out notches of material. While the client was fine with this (said it added to an aged character), it didn't feel right having to explain away chunks missing on an expensive project's base. The legs themselves do not sit square on the bottom - there is no milling there, just rough casting, and the bottom is over 1/4" out of level... we may end up having to mill these square to the ground.

Finally, and most importantly for the design aspect of the piece in progress, the legs are not the stated 28" tall - they are 27". With a chunky slab or material, 28 can easily top out at 29.5-30", which is a good table height (what the client desired). At 27", we will be 28-29" tall, shorter than desired. We're going to have to add a piece spanning the legs brackets to lift the table up at least 1", which defeats some of the design aspect of these legs.

We shipped these all the way to Atlanta Ga, so return shipping them is not really in the cards (and our timeline doesn't allow for sourcing the legs of this style somewhere else), but I am definitely disappointed, given these cost us over $600 US for a pair, with shipping. Buyer beware.

Cast iron table legs

Just aquick note to express my COMPLETE SATISFACTION with my new cast iron table legs! The price is reasonable, the quality of cast is exceptional, and the shipping time was fast! If i had even one bit of advice, it might be to bubble wrap before boxing them up, the heavy cast iron tore the box up pretty good. No harm to the legs, but they might have been scratched up, alot of exposed surface when they arrived... THANK YOU for a fine piece of craftsmanship, i will enjoy them for the rest of my days!!! Scott Schafer, Tacoma WA

Cast Iron Table Legs

Well made raw cast iron legs. Easy to paint and finish. Very happy with the finished product. Would definitely buy again.

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