Dining Chair no.8 - Templates

Dining chair no.8 designed in the Sam Maloof style. Featuring the Maloof joint, bent laminated back supports, and guaranteed comfort! 


Full scale paper templates

Step by step build instructions 

Recommended Jig - Back Brace Hole Template


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I’ve been collecting materials including yours and will start on a chair project this fall and winter.

Leo Stöcker
Dining chair No 8 Template

I received the digital templates in no time. Since they were in jpeg format I could not have them printed out by my plotting service. However, after asking for pdf files, they were soon sent to me. That is what I call customer oriented service. Thanks again. Leo from Germany

Dining Chair #8

I have not started this project but I am looking forward to the challenge. I have looked at the paper templates and they appear to be very detailed. Thank you to Paul and all the staff behind the scenes. I enjoy your Youtube content.

C Cooper
excellent plans

These templates are excellent quality. The print is very clean and it is printed on paper that is heavier gauge than most people use on plotters. There were a few details that I didn't get from the prints or the video but I sent an email and Paul answered all my questions very quickly.

Peter Conway
Dining Chair #8 templates

The templates are very clear and well arranged so that you can easily glue them to a substrate and use to template rout or just mark out components. The templates have numerous helpful notations to help eliminate errors. This design is THE most elegant that I’ve run across. Kudos to Paul and his team.

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