Build your own chair

After 9 years of building these beautiful pieces of functional art it’s a pleasure to share my craft. I am a working shop, because of this you’ll learn my techniques of working accurately but also quickly.

What to expect? You’ll build your entire chair with your own hands, we prepare the blanks so on day 1 you can get going with chair making! We have lot’s to do so we will be working 10 hour days, with a 30 minute lunch. I will be building the same chair as you, so you’ll see exactly how and why I do each step before you complete each step. By the end of the 2 to 6 day course depending which chair you choose, you will leave with a fully fabricated chair, which you have sculpted and got a taste for the sanding. The fabrication stage typically takes about the same time for everyone, although carving and sanding can vary depending what speed you like and feel comfortable working.

I will show samples of what we are doing from finished and unfinished chairs. The task will then be demonstrated on my own chair, which I build along side the class. As the course progresses and your skill level will determine the amount of my involvement in the build, I want you to build as much as possible of your own chair.

The lumber we use has been salvaged from the surrounding city's in partnership with local tree service companies and home owners. Did we mention the work shop is on a beautiful farm where we have 2 sawmills to mill the logs into boards, then we are able to dry them in one of our 2 kilns. 

If traveling here we are 45 minutes from the Toronto airport. Guelph would be the best town to spend your nights. Each day lunch is included.

 All materials are included, if you have your own hearing / eye protection please bring it, if not we will provide. You’ll take home a set of templates and understanding of how to add to your collection.

Location: 8722 Sideroad 15, Erin, Ontario, Canada


Dining Chair - Sept 21rd to 25th 2020


Bar Stool - Oct 20th 23rd 2020


Rocking Chair - Nov 23rd to 28th 2020


When purchasing now you'll be paying a 50% deposit. Day 1 of the course the remaining balance is required to be paid in full.



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