Over the past 10 years, we have been crafting beautiful and long lasting pieces of furniture, designed and built to highlight natures natural beauty. We strive to build our furniture from trees which are salvaged from the city's around us. We want you to enjoy your custom made piece of furniture with as much passion as we had creating it for you.

We are the source of our lumber, we have Canada's widest cutting sawmill allowing us to produce truly one of a kind lumber. We are then able to kiln dry our lumber with great care and using industry leading vacuum kiln technology. As a boutique sawmill & kiln we are able to offer salvaged & sustainable lumber, in fact we pride our self on creating your truly one of a kind piece of furniture from what most would consider WASTE!

Canadian Woodworks is proud to offer direct to the client service, allowing you to take part in the material selection. We document and share the entire process through our social media platforms, allowing you to share the process of creating your furniture with family & friends.

We look forward to working with you to create your next piece of custom made furniture. If you'd like to move forward, please click the request a quote button to start the process.

Team Canadian Woodworks