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I’m considering buying your template for theMaloof rocker but was wondering how is yours different from Hal Taylor’s?

Dining Chair no.8 - Templates
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I’ve been collecting materials including yours and will start on a chair project this fall and winter.

Not good

Is not simple ti ì serata di this draw

Nice template

Nice template but as others said, it would be good to have instructions. The video is good but the link did not work for me.

Great plans!

Plans were nicely printed and fast shipping1


Just one measurement somewhere would have been helpful. 20"x20"" blank doesn't cut it. Final size depends entirely on the size paper used for printing.

LBC, copying the copy

Love the detail, thorough clear instructions. The only minor issue is what to do to copy from page to product (if something tears/rips etc). It’s really a 4.8 star kinda review. I ordered my own 24” roll so I can copy a copy just in case. My son and I are going to start next week. The walnut is rough cut and finding it’s way to acclimatizing to the shop right now.

Learning Process

A reference to the YouTube video would be helpful, the one that shows how to make the template to cut the maloof joint.

Great experience!

Great help and info.

Low Back Chair - Templates
Marc André Carle

Not as expected.

Dining Chair no.9 - Templates
Warren Clendenning
Dining Chair #9

Am very happy with my purchase. Paper templates are easy to follow.

Awesome course

I learned alot and they took their time explaining each step, making sure you understood everything. I highly recommend this course!

Perfectly balanced

Just as all things should be

love the design but can’t print it

I purchased a couple of your chair designs and was excited to build them. unfortunately I don’t have a printer so need to get things printed at Staples. unfortunately when I tried to do so Staples notified me that they couldnt print it - no explanation given except “incompatible”. so I am stuck. perhaps I should have ordered the hard copies instead of the digital ones. Is it too late to change my order?

Maloof for the Masses

How great to have these plans made available so inexpensively. All the necessary information is provided- I just hope my abilities are up to the challenge!

Haven't received it yet

Dining chair No 8 Template

I received the digital templates in no time. Since they were in jpeg format I could not have them printed out by my plotting service. However, after asking for pdf files, they were soon sent to me. That is what I call customer oriented service. Thanks again. Leo from Germany

Bar Stool

In fairness I only paid $11 for the bar stool plans but they were simply not up to scratch. Hand drawn with no measurements. The instructions were also underwhelming to say the least. A company like yours shouldn’t sell that type of rubbish - It tarnishes your good name.

Guitar pick stool

Very nice design and fun to make
You may want to have more complete instructions so that a beginning woodworker would be more likely to tackle this project.


We had so much fun and our coffee table is absolutely stunning. Highly recommend to everyone at all skill levels!!!

Not sure , i only do the course in January 2022 lol!

Back brace hole jig
Joe Prendergast
Back brace hole jig.

Top shelf, very precisely made.

Great workshop, learned a lot, made a beautiful coffee table. Daniella was a great teacher, I would highly recommend.

dining chair no#9

Quite disappointed to see a scan of a hand sketch as the digital copy. I was expecting that digital would be a CAD drawing. The scan was so light that printing the document required me to sketch over the top of the print , even with the printer on the darkest setting.

Love love this coffee table workshop.

Just a fabulous workshop. Couldn't believe I made this beautiful table. Daniella was an excellent enthusiastic teacher. Would highly recommend.