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Mike Blood Awaits

I am still awaiting delivery of the plans. Have they been dispatched? Please check.

Sculpted Contemporary Bar Stool - Templates

Dining Chair no.8 - Templates
Bernardus Groenewald

Totally satisfied

Guitar Pick Stool - Template
Anderson S vieira
Bom trabalho

Apesar de não ter as ferramentas descritas consegui usando alternativas.grato

Number 9 chair

Looking forward to putting them to use. Highly recommend watching the YouTube video too.

Dining chair number 8

As a professional cabinet builder, i was a little disappointed with the clarity of these plans, not that they can't be followed, but could just be improved with some real CAD drawings. But on the flip side it was cheap so maybe shouldn't expect so much. It does give you the information needed to build a chair.

Not an easy build

I just completed my lounger using the templates and am happy with the results. However, the templates comes with no instructions, pictures, or measurements, so it is not an easy build. It would help if you have built a couple of Hal Taylor-designed rocking chairs, as some of his techniques can be used here. Fred Cory is right in that critical measurements are missing, and there are no rabbets/cushion instructions. Again, what you are buying are only the templates so you will need to muddle through as best you can. I did receive the following reply from Canadian Woodworks when I asked about the headrest. I wrote:

I tried to recreate the inside curve and the back feature (bulge) on a 2-inch thick piece of fir, a design feature that approaches that in the attached picture. (picture of lounger from the Maloof website). No matter how I try, my inside curve seems too shallow and my back feature lacks depth. Does the headrest require stock that is thicker than 8/4? I received the following answer:

The "trick" is cutting the curve, then taking the "off cut" and glueing it to the back side of the front curve. So with a single board, cut the curve in the middle of it, then glue the 2 flat sides together, basically creating a board that would be 4'' in thickness if you cut the front an back curves out of one piece.

Guitar Pick Stool - Template

Looking forward to using it

Haven’t started the project yet but I really like the design and am excited to get started

dining chair no.2

these are paper templates. if you were hopping for a digital format such as .svg these are not them. they will work just have to do it the old fashioned way. glue to the substrate vs CNC cut them.

Great plan

Adding a plan of the Maloof joint template would be greatly appreaciated. I like Paul's easy going style in the videos.

Guitar pick stool

Hi Paul. First of all - thank you for your super inspiring videos. However, I’m still trying to find a replacement for the rabbeting bit and the roundover bit, as here in europe we use the metric system. Can you help me out here? I mostly use CMT router bits with 8mm shaft.

Very disappointed

Not enough information about the construction of the project. The template is not the full size of the project. The stool looks amazing, but very disappointed with the plans. Not worth the money.

Hi, You purchased the digital version of the template, you need to print at 1:1 or 100% scale or take to a print shop and request the same. This will print the template at the correct size. We have 2 step by step build videos on our YouTube Channel -

I thought the digital files would be SVG files for each piece but it’s a scan of the hand drawn plans. Easy enough to draw over in illustrator to tweak measurements and create SVG files from though.

Fun way to spend a Saturday

This class is amazing. From the start, Paul and Aimee answered all my questions and accommodated my specialized requests.
Upon arrival, We were met by our instructor, Daniella, who’s passion for and knowledge of woodworking and epoxy is immediately apparent.
Day one was choosing the wood, some slight sanding, mixing the epoxy, choosing a color and pouring it.
Day 2 was sanding, fine tuning, oil finish and leg attachment.
All so enjoyable that even though I don’t have more space, I may sign up for another class anyway!!


As good as it could get. thanks.

The boards are gorgeous.

Loved my wooden art!

Received item in perfect condition, it made a great addition to my room after I decorated it!

Ready to go again

Plans look good. I've already built chair no 9, and the plans are similar, just a narrower seat and the front legs maloof joint smaller making the leg a bit further forward. Big job now to make a set of 4. I think I'll make the front leg same size and placement as Chair no 9.

Template seems to have the necessary parts

So far I have used the templates to cut jigs and that is straightforward enough. Some critical measurements seem to be missing though - the spacing from the front spreader to the center spreader, from the center spreader to the back spreader, and the spacing between the 2 spreaders for the back are not included. I think there is some additional imformation that would be very helpful - the rabbets for the cushions are not detailed. Pictures, diagrams or videos would be very useful.

Awesome template

Fun project. Glad someone with your talent and knowledge is sharing so other can build.

Awesome stool

Great plans…..was able to them work out and create a nice stool

Template chair # 8

Extremely fast and friendly service oriented people at Canadian Woodworks. I can't wait to start working on this project. Thanks

Guitar pick stool

The digital template was excellent. I made myself a 1/2 inch grid on the blank template and then I transferred that to a 1 inch paper grid which gave me the actual size of the stool. I find the seat is a bit too big so I will downsize it to maybe 16 inches . But don’t get me wrong, I love the style of that stool, I will just make it smaller. I also love the dark contrast of the rounded corners of the Maloof joints and the seat which sticks right out . It’s a very good looking stool. I will be making one soon.

Chaise rocker

I have called and emailed about more details on the build based on plans provided. Plans are not detailed I would not purchase again