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Low back chair


Beautiful Chair

I got the template and can’t wait to get started I know the chairs will look great beside of the live edge walnut dining table. Thanks for sending them I have watched every u-tube video you have put out and have learned a lot by watching you keep them up can’t wait to see the next one. Thanks again

Contemporary stool template

Nice design and plans

Very good addition to the original chair thank you so much 😊

Absolutely gorgeous work!

I bought a charcuterie/cutting board from Canadian Woodworks and it is so beautiful. Customer service was so friendly and helpful. Quick shipping. And the product itself is stunning. It's so beautiful that it sits out as a display piece when not in use.

Great Project, Plans Quality Lacking

I love your YouTube channel and the projects you do, so I want to make this as constructive as possible. These were literally the worst plans I've ever paid for. They are hand drawn with dimensions scribbled on them. Also, the "document" that accompanied them was sloppily written. If a middle school shop class student had turned these in, I would give him a "C". Please do yourself a favor and have someone with 5 minutes of training on a free CAD program draft these up. With that being said, I might purchase another set of plans in the future, now that I know what to expect. Good luck and I look forward to building this project.

Hedgehog Table Base - Template

Low Back Chair - Templates

Guitar Pick Stool - Template

I’d like a reply to my email from three days ago.

Fast Delivery

Exactly as expected! Fast delivery to US. Thanks for the videos and looking forward to a chair template next!

Awesome Course - Highly Recommend!

You can stay home and try to figure things out for yourself (and make mistakes), or you can spend 4 days learning from Paul and Justin on how to do it right the first time! This four day course is jam packed with instruction, new skills, humour and great people. Paul, Justin and of course Aimee put off a top notch course and I'd highly recommend anyone who has an interest in building a Maloof style chair to look no further! I was so impressed with the bar stool course that I immediately signed up for the next rocking chair course. Great job Canadian Woodworks!!

Guitar Pick Stool - Template

Great template

Havnt built it yet. But have transferred the templates to wood. Very happy so far. Only slight confuaion about which piece os the top and which is the botton.

Low back chair and pick stool

Planning to build a pair of these over the winter months along with a friend of mine who purchased the pick stool plans. We have cut our templates and made our jigs....soon to get started on some test joints before we ruin any good wood!

You guys rock

Love watching the videos. Now I just need to build one

Weekend of fun

Did this course in May 2019. It was very good and had a chance to see and try new things. The project we did was straight forward and it would be nice to have an advanced course for a larger item such as a river table in the future. The instructors were good and we had an opportunity to see all of the things available from these vendors.

Plans were great!!!

Currently in the process of building my first chair. Plans are working as described. I’ll try and post a pick when I’m done

I’m working on my first stool. It is a beautiful design and end product. But there needs to be two more templates. One that lays out the taper on the legs. It ‘s very unclear to me at least exactly how that is laid out and if the proportion on the taper to the opposing curve is off, the whole leg is off. Also it would be very helpful to have some guide lines on sculpting the seat, like depth holes and their location to guide the sculpting. Also it is unclear why paul on the video cut a taper on the top of the leg before cutting the joint dado. Just some constructive suggestions.

sculpted bar stool plans

looks good cant wait to get in the shop and build one.

Thank you for your attention to detail in following up . Having said that I did not recieve any instructions with my templates .



guitar pick stool plans

Ordered templates came right away very pleased