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The drawings were complete and delivered on time! However, not real good for a novice to build from as there was not a step by step process included. This was ok for me as I intend to modify design for my own Maloof style. Thank you!


2nd order from you, pleased with both. 👍

A Great Way to Spend Two Saturday Mornings

I thoroughly enjoyed the Chill Epoxy course at Legacy Lumber on Saturday July 5 & 12. Paul has a fantastic shop and business and Daniella of Smiling Rock Studio did a terrific job of teaching. It was entertaining, we were kept fully engaged and I came home with a very cool piece of walnut and epoxy which my wife immediately claimed for a charcuterie board. I highly recommend it for an introduction into this very interesting aspect of woodworking. I love this, after 42 years in the woodworking field I never stop learning. Well done guys!

A Unique, Wonderful Experience

I took the rocking chair course a few years ago and, besides building an incredible rocking chair, I also leaned a lot about woodworking. I found Paul to be an awesome teacher and using the skills he taught me I have used his plans (and walnut lumber) to build stools and 90 degree desk legs.Who knew you could learn so much in 6 days. Since taking that course I have followed his progress through Instagram. His work is not only incredible but also inspiring.

Maloof Bar Stool Plans

It will be weeks before I start this project so too soon to write a review.


Most imformative 1/2 day you will ever have

Paul and Daniella and even their camera guy Sabastian keep things moving at a pace they see the students can handle. They keep it light and fun but kost of all informative for everyone. I loved it so much i will be looking at another course next year. I would recommend this epoxy course to everyone from the very begginer to the very experienced woodworker.

Cherry - #10


Awesome service

The fulfilment of the order was super fast.
I received both PDF and a hard copy mailed out. Thanks to Paul and the team!

Business is business

En achetant ce plan je savait qu'il n'y avait pas grand chose dessus (photo) mais en fait il n'y a que le contour sans autre note, rien.
Un support technique est vendu avec (email). Quand j'ai osé demander l'épaisseur du bois, j'ai reçu la douce réponse que je faisais comme je voulais !
Vraiment ultra light but business la business

Chair Plans

I’ve been happy with any interaction and look forward to more

Customer Service

Cant say enough about the people and service. Both at Canadian woodworks and Legacy lumber. They will continue to be one of my go to places. Paul and Rob are fantastic to deal with. Have fun.

Quick and friendly service

The staff at Canadian woodworms are very friendly and attentive. I ordered 3 units of the c channel 2 40” and 1 30”. The team delivered on time internationally to us here down south.

Thank you!

Super Fast Delivery!

Templates come in .jpg format which is difficult to print at proper size. There is plenty of information on the templates to attempt a hand drawing reproduction but I would recommend buying the templates rather than the digital copies if you want to just use them immediately. I have printed several copies in an attempt to get proper scale and it is always just a little off when you measure with a ruler. Maybe someone who has experience doing this would have less trial and error.

Changed it a little ....

... added the arms :)


Nice to build from full sized patterns.. Directions were a bit vague. Your YouTube video on "contemporary stools - templates and how to" is helpful but could use more legs cutting and tapering details.

Low backed chair template

No scale so not sure when printing if correct size
Template in one view only for the legs. No front view
No cutting list of guide as to thickness and size of timber to purchase

It may be possible to work out the above and the templates otherwise are clear and good

Challenging for amateur like me

Product Never arrived

I ordered chair plan #8 and was very much looking forward to building but after 4 weeks and multiple unanswered requests my order has still not arrived. As they won’t communicate I’m seeking guidence from my credit card company as to my next steps.
Annoyingly I just wanted the plan, not all this hassle

Sculpted bar stools

I am almost done making a pair of them. The templates and YouTube are all you need (plus lots of tools) to make beautiful stools. I just purchased the low back chair to start soon

Modified to Dining chair #2

Bought the templates and modified a little to become Chair #2. Instructions may not be very clear ...need to use your own idea on some procedures during the build. Over-all, good buy.

2 templates for the price of 1

I bought the sculpted contemporary bar stool soft copy templates online and received a download link for the low back chair instead. I told them I got the wrong one and was directed to another link with the correct templates ... making the first download a free copy. Thanks :) ...... still waiting for the Lounge Chair instructions I purchased a while ago .... :)

Cherry - #8
Lots of compliments

Very happy with our Canadian Wooodwork’s serving board... it’s one of those few purchases that you make on line and go “wow! It’s a lot nicer than I thought it would be”... wife loves it, she got received lots of compliments over the holidays in regards to her new cherry serving board.

High Voltage #18-ML019
Two Thumbs Way Up!

I am very pleased with the High Voltage serving board. It was a gift and I had a very hard time parting with it! The board was beautifully crafted and I would recommend your product to anyone. Thank you!

Walnut - High Voltage #18-BW365
Wonderful ,.Beautiful

I like so much

Maple - High Voltage #18-ML004

Maple - High Voltage #18-ML004