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Building an Epoxy Coffee Table.....
An Awesome Experience! Daniella was Fabulous....lots of Patience and Enthusiasm.
Highly Recommended...You leave with a Beautiful Product that will be a part of your home for a lifetime.
Thank you Daniella!!!


Templates are very thin and flimsy for the money. Would have rather gotten paper and made my own

Great service

Maple Charcuterie Board
Dennis Mulvihill
A good deal

For the money it cannot be beat. I shopped around the Web and ordered a 12x15” walnut board. It has attractive character marks and a beautiful wood grain.

Chaise Rocker

Exceeded my expectations.

Cant comment cause I haven’t done the table yet

excellent plans

These templates are excellent quality. The print is very clean and it is printed on paper that is heavier gauge than most people use on plotters. There were a few details that I didn't get from the prints or the video but I sent an email and Paul answered all my questions very quickly.

Dining Chair #8 templates

The templates are very clear and well arranged so that you can easily glue them to a substrate and use to template rout or just mark out components. The templates have numerous helpful notations to help eliminate errors. This design is THE most elegant that I’ve run across. Kudos to Paul and his team.

Walnut Epoxy Charcuterie Board - 23.25" x 6.75"?

What a beautiful piece!! I was a hero on mother's day! She loved it!! Looking forward to more purchases in the future!

Charcuterie board

Love it!!!! Thank you!

Work of Art

Really love the walnut charcuterie board. Not only is it practical for serving, it’s a work of art on display in our kitchen when not in use.

Bare minimum

I'm glad I've made numerous Maloof inspired chairs as these plans would not have been sufficient. A link to your making one on youtube would be helpful for others. 22" square blank for an 18" stool is a waste of wood, the 31.6 stop on a miter saw gives the correct flat spot for two of the legs. I'll email you a picture of the stool I made out of Red Grandis and walnut

The plan came immediatly

Looks good so far, I am waiting to start until I get the bits I need.

Incredible product

I have never seen such a well-made product, delivered so quickly, and at such a great price. Really fantastic company!

Low back chair templates

It's great!
I received the templates and they are gorgeous! So accurate and so clear and the full work method is amazing and simple to follow.
Guys, you are great and many thanks 🙏
Kobi Keren


Beautiful boards

It arrived perfect can’t wait to start.

Armless stool template

Its exact and acurate measurement template thanks, Im looking for the inspired sam maloof build tutorial 😁😁


The downloads were hardly visible,very poor quality. They were not full size,like most pdf templates.

Waste of money

The templates print out very small and no instructions on how to get them full size. I asked for my money back,but no response.. Not someone I would deal with in the future.

Sculpted Side Table Template

Ash Cookie Epoxy Charcuterie Board
Kotaro Koike

Ash Cookie Epoxy Charcuterie Board

Big island Aloha

I'm so stoked to get these prints done I got from Canadian wood work.
Took the digital copy to office max and paid short money and now making my own templates.
Mahalo to the whole gang for all you do.
Mick Rose


These plans would be an absolute steal if the project videos still existed. Unfortunately it looks like they were deleted and never reloaded. Still affordable, but these could be absolutely amazing with the project videos.

The instructions aren't the most clear. Not a tonne of effort went in to the instructions, likely because they were meant to be accompanied by the videos. The templates themselves are pretty good, but there are a few that are just hard to make sense of without the video.

Low Back Chair

Really pleased with the templates, instructions and bullet point list. The on-line templates do take a bit of printing - 28 sheets of A4 and then some actual cut and paste but overall they are excellent value. I had one query (my fault for not reading the instructions properly) but that was answered within 24 hours. Just practising the Maloof joint before I build the actual chair.