About us

Living in the beautiful country side of Acton, Ontario, Canada 45 minutes north west of Toronto. I start each day with my morning coffee and enjoy my short walk to the workshop. I spend early mornings and late nights designing and building custom one of a kind furniture, I love every minute of it.


It all starts with the selection of raw lumber which has been collected over years of searching. Each piece of lumber I have has its own unique story and character.  With the selection of lumber, next comes deciding where to draw the first lines. I smooth and flatten the rough weathered worn exterior of the raw lumber to reveal the secrets of each board that natures patina has hidden.  

I use machine speed and accuracy to create tight fitting exposed joinery which will stand the test of time. With the addition of hand tools i’m able to carve, shave and sand to reveal the final form, each piece taking on its own personality.

My goal is to be recognized as a skilled craftsman, for my chairs to stand the test of time, to be proudly passed down through the generations, and for my hands to be trusted to capture the timeless and unique character of wood. 

I must of course give thanks to the masters before me, I am and so are my designs influenced heavily by 3 main woodworkers.I can say what I build now started when I bought the book Sam Maloof - Woodworker, it has truly changed my life! I've also been heavily influenced from both Hal Taylor and Scott Morrison both I would not hesitate to call masters of their craft. The knowledge, fabrication and lines of Hal Taylor are my rocking chair, but they flow into my design of other pieces as well. Scott Morrison has a large gallery of great work, in particular my stool designs are inspired from his lines. Both Scott and Hal sell great plans and videos on how to build beautiful & comfortable furniture.