Guitar Pick Stool - Template

Build your own Guitar Pick Stool, with these templates you will be able to craft this beautiful, comfortable, extremely versatile, 3 legged stool! 

Skills Used 

Maloof Joinery

Power Carving

Digital - These are scanned at a 1:1 ratio, you'll receive a pdf that you can print your self or take to a print shop to get printed

Paper - We will mail you full scale paper templates, you can then glue to a substrate and create your own templates.

Plywood - We mail you a set of laser cut templates from 1/4'' thick plywood, ready to trace and create your own stool

Limited editing - We mail you a set of laser cut Bubinga veneered templates, only 10 sets available! 



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Customer Reviews

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I’m working on my first stool. It is a beautiful design and end product. But there needs to be two more templates. One that lays out the taper on the legs. It ‘s very unclear to me at least exactly how that is laid out and if the proportion on the taper to the opposing curve is off, the whole leg is off. Also it would be very helpful to have some guide lines on sculpting the seat, like depth holes and their location to guide the sculpting. Also it is unclear why paul on the video cut a taper on the top of the leg before cutting the joint dado. Just some constructive suggestions.

guitar pick stool plans

Ordered templates came right away very pleased

Guitar Pick Stool Template

Easy to download and use the templates. Built mine out of white ash, fun build.

Plywood template for Guitar Stool

Very nice plywood template with some layout line. I'm very impressed with the speedy service. I'm looking forward to constructing this stool. It will be my first Maloof style joint!

Good customer service

Purchased the stool template and due to a technical glitch, the item was dispatched by seamail rather than airmail. Contacted Aimee and Paul and couldn't have asked for better service. They sent out a new template by airmail and it arrived today. They kept me informed as to what happened and how to get the new template. Really looking forward to the build. Many thanks to the team at Canadian Woodworks.

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