Sculpted Contemporary Bar Stool - Templates

A beautiful, comfortable bar stool designed and built to last generations. With its hand sculpted seat and great low back support you'll never want to leave the bar. 

Sizes include 25"seat heigh for counters about 36" and 31" seat height for a 42" bar height. 


Full scale paper or digital templates 

How to build manual


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Customer Reviews

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Mark Gwozdecky
love the design but can’t print it

I purchased a couple of your chair designs and was excited to build them. unfortunately I don’t have a printer so need to get things printed at Staples. unfortunately when I tried to do so Staples notified me that they couldnt print it - no explanation given except “incompatible”. so I am stuck. perhaps I should have ordered the hard copies instead of the digital ones. Is it too late to change my order?

Bar Stool

In fairness I only paid $11 for the bar stool plans but they were simply not up to scratch. Hand drawn with no measurements. The instructions were also underwhelming to say the least. A company like yours shouldn’t sell that type of rubbish - It tarnishes your good name.

John Kovack

Am I right in thinking that all of the wood should be 1 3/4 thick when I start.

Markus Misslinger

Sculpted Contemporary Bar Stool - Templates

jean claude thibault

I'll have to rely heavily on youtube. Even then, info lacking such as type and lenght of screws.

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