Guitar Pick Stool - Template

Build your own Guitar Pick Stool, with these templates you will be able to craft this beautiful, comfortable, extremely versatile, 3 legged stool! 

Skills Used 

Maloof Joinery

Power Carving

Digital - These are scanned at a 1:1 ratio, you'll receive a pdf that you can print your self or take to a print shop to get printed

Paper - We will mail you full scale paper templates, you can then glue to a substrate and create your own templates.

Plywood - We mail you a set of laser cut templates from 1/4'' thick plywood, ready to trace and create your own stool

Limited editing - We mail you a set of laser cut Bubinga veneered templates, only 10 sets available! 





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Customer Reviews

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Peter Littler

Just one measurement somewhere would have been helpful. 20"x20"" blank doesn't cut it. Final size depends entirely on the size paper used for printing.

Morris Wall
Learning Process

A reference to the YouTube video would be helpful, the one that shows how to make the template to cut the maloof joint.

David A Riggs
Guitar pick stool

Very nice design and fun to make
You may want to have more complete instructions so that a beginning woodworker would be more likely to tackle this project.

Jack Schaufele
Stool Template

It's was as advertised - there's not much to it - What I will say is I have watched your video several times and can not make the joint as well as you - I am using a fluted bit for my cut out -

gene martin
Bare minimum

I'm glad I've made numerous Maloof inspired chairs as these plans would not have been sufficient. A link to your making one on youtube would be helpful for others. 22" square blank for an 18" stool is a waste of wood, the 31.6 stop on a miter saw gives the correct flat spot for two of the legs. I'll email you a picture of the stool I made out of Red Grandis and walnut

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