by Sebastian Cristancho June 18, 2019

You BET it's a thing!

As an independent small business, we are super busy around here, but we decided to push ourselves to make more furniture more often. We're woodworking all day long 5 - 6 days a week and in that time we're incorporating making a few extra tables now available for all of you! 

Tables like our famous Dirty Dog

Or Our Black Ontario Cherry Table & Bench

And even our Machinist table where 100% of the proceeds are going towards a mural in Guelph Ontario!

If any of these tables above interest you feel free to click the button below or simply click or tap on whichever table you'd like to learn more information about!

We really love what we do here and are striving to bring all of you more and more of it each day, each week, and month, to create furniture that will last for generations to come.

If you made it this far we really appreciate you and we hope to see you back here soon! 


Sebastian Cristancho
Sebastian Cristancho