by Sebastian Cristancho August 28, 2019

Firstly we'd like to congratulate Robert Todd for winning this absolutely stunning guitar pick stool!!!!

If you're name isn't Robert Todd, you may still want a beautiful stool JUST LIKE THIS ONE! 


We are so happy to announce that we are selling the templates for this beautiful three legged stool! 

We are selling these templates in 4 ways as of writing this!

1. Digital Copies for you to download and print yourself

2. Paper copies that we will print for you and mail out for you to turn into your own gorgeous templates

3. LASER CUT Plywood Templates that we laser cut out ourselves just for you! 

4. and finally the big one... LASAR CUT AND ENGRAVED BUBINGA TEMPLATES!

We are ONLY MAKING 10 OF THESE! These are super special for the dedicated people that love what we do here, and we will actually be giving one of these away on our youtube channel in the near future so subscribe and hit the bell icon to keep up to speed on your chance to win!

Enjoy them and send us photos!!!!!

Sebastian Cristancho
Sebastian Cristancho