by Melissa Jimenez January 10, 2019

The Weekly Re-cap #6 is live, go check it out! We had a few things happening from December 31st until January 4th. We released a quick tour through Veneer Master Dan's workshop- which was filled with all kinds of old school machinery, over at Legacy Lumber we took a look at our Moulding Machine which we're using to make the Shou Sugi Ban siding (as part of the Ohsweken Project), AND we also took a in-depth look at our Radio Frequency Vacuum Kiln!

If you don't already follow Legacy Lumber on Youtube, please do! We've got tons of content coming out this year, and you'll be sure to learn a thing or two about the machines we use (and maybe you'll share a laugh with us).

Thanks for watching!


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Watch the FULL Radio Frequency Vacuum Kiln walkthrough video here: 

Watch the FULL Moulder Tooling video here:

Watch the FULL Veneer Master Dan video here:


Melissa Jimenez
Melissa Jimenez